About Us

Pulses, as we know, play a crucial role in Indian culture – right from farming to being a part of the Indian diet; pulses are consumed nearly everyday as part of our cuisine. Pulses have been one of the main sources of protein for centuries.
It is the shared affection for pulses that brought Wings Group and Viterra India Private Limited to form a joint venture which gave birth to Wings Agro Private Limited and its subsidiary Wings Agriculture Private Limited. Viterra is a multinational and multi-commodity agriculture trading and processing company. Wings Group on the other hand is a homegrown firm based in Rajkot and has business interests in real estate, hospitality and agriculture.

Our Core Values


We are committed to deliver exceedingly high quality in all of our products which are tailored to meet the exact requirements of our esteemed customers.


We believe our passion should translate into our customers' satisfaction by way of seamless delivery of our service and products.


Continuous. Innovative. Visible. Collaborative.

Our Purpose

There is no love more sincere than the love of food.

Food and nutrition are crucial to our well-being and we understand the importance of fresh, healthy & unadulterated pulses for our diet. With this belief and understanding at the crux of our business, we aim to bridge the gap between producers and consumers with these four important steps.