Chana Dal

Winera Chana Dal

Winera Chana Dal is made from the cleanest whole channa which is split in the clean and hygienic confines of our processing unit. Our chana dal comes from the whole, desi chana.

The Goodness of Winera Chana Dal

Chana Dal is one of the most consumed pulses across India – from the North to the South and from East to the West. Chana dal has multiple uses in the Indian kitchen; ranging from dal vadas to sweets and for the preparation of various masalas in Indian recipes. It is a super healthy and nutritious dal which should be consumed more frequently by diabetics, weight watchers and everyone in general.
With the consumption of chana dal you can gain enormous amounts of energy where 30 grams of chana dal provides you with 100 calories and mind you; these are good calories which are filled with vitamins and minerals. Chana dal is rich in the B category of vitamins, namely; B1, B2, B3 and B9.
Proteins are a necessary macro ingredient for our bodies just like fats and carbohydrates. Our bodies require these macronutrients in a good amount. Consuming 1 whole cup of chana dal gives you 33% of your daily dose of protein. Winera chana dal is an excellent source of protein and can be consumed daily or as and when required.
Just like the Winera Besan, the Winera Chana dal is good for diabetics too. Our chana dal is low on the glycemic index and is high in fiber. This enables the dal to slowly release glucose into the bloodstream, thus regulating your blood sugar levels in the body.