Chana Whole

Winera Chana

Chana is one of the most popular pulses eaten in India. And we at Winera, ensure that chana we procure is fresh and unadulterated. Winera chana is processed and neatly packed at our unit and is ready to ship to the market.

The Goodness of Winera Chana

Whole chana is consumed in many parts of India in various forms – a healthy snack or a main course staple, it is widely preferred by people of all age groups. Chana is an excellent source of protein and is most often consumed by weight watchers. Needless to say, it is an excellent source of vegetarian protein. It is important to note that chana cannot be consumed or prepared directly. It has to be soaked overnight, boiled and then consumed in your preferred form. Here’s why you should have this nutritious pulse.
What gives the chana its colour is the richness in iron. Winera chana can help boost your iron levels and also gives you a load of energy. It is especially beneficial to children and pregnant women.
Once again, chana just like our chana dal is a rich source of vegetarian protein. Many vegetarians often miss out on the goodness of proteins but consuming one portion of chana frequently will help breach the protein gap in your body. Consume it boiled or in the form of a sabji with less oil, you will gain the required nutrition.
Chana is rich in fiber, thus it helps to keep the digestive system healthy. A fiber rich diet helps reduce the risk of constipation. However, chana also contains a host of vitamins and minerals which are essential for our bodies.